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Welcome to Kermaz - systèmes et composants antidéflagrants ATEX

Kermaz is YOUR partner for all the ATEX applications,
since 1983 we have manufactured and sold systems all around the world !
Our experience is your safety.

Antenna for wifi, wimax, tetra, GPS and ISM (430MHz - 865MHz - 2.4Ghz - 5GHz), radio modems and interfaces.

ATEX   EEx-e 2GD (zone 1/21 - 2/22)

ant-3.jpgwifi5.jpg      antennex.jpg      gps.jpg
NEW bi bander antenna wifi 2.4 et 5GHz and GPS

Kermaz proposes a wide range of antenna and modules for radio applications in the hazardous area

Instrument housing with dispaly

- Material of body and cover: aluminium pressure die-casting, max. 0,5% Mg.
- Ambient temperature: Tamb = -40 to 85°C - silicone rubber.
- Coating: yellow chromating and chemically resistant paint (outside only).
- Enclosure classification: NEMA 4X,  IP66 to IP68.
- Maximum space for transmitter:  Ø 52 x 30 mm.
- Suitable for camera, GPS modules, ...

Atex certified Ex-d IIC and FM approval
Cabinets increased safety Ex-e or purged Ex-p
  •      stainless steel or standard steel
  •      painted or sanded
  •      with internal mounting plate
  •      cover secured by screws or lock
  •      mounting accessories
  •      terminals, IS barriers, pushbuttons
  •      ATEX certified 1/21-2/22 area -40 / +75 ° C
  •      gravoply or stainless steel marking
terminex 300.png

ATEX certified PC terminal or PC enclosure for zone 1/21 & 2/22
  • screen 15" or 17" (other on request)
  • keyboard with trackerball or touchpad
  • KVM system for connection to PC at max. 150m
  • PC integrated to the enclosure or external
  • optionals : wifi, scanner, printer

  monitor purged enclosure for zone 2


gas analyser for zone 2

We expertise in the design and construction of purged enclosures either for ATEX or NEC-500/Nec-505 standards.

Our enclosures are suitable for analysers, electronics, printers, computers, electrical boards.

Don't hesitate to submit your project, there is always a solution !


the most compact controller for zone 2

atex.jpgimprimante 1.jpg

Label printer for hazardous area

collection of the label in the hazardous area without opening window
control box with bypass to change rolls
comes with a Zebra printer GD420



for more information click HERE



Cabinet cooler and 

Vortex cooler ATEX certified for

zone 1 - 2


Cable glands of various sizes and types

wide range of flameproof boxes for camera, small electronic and electrical gears ...

k_xdid100win.jpg  idwin.jpg

Small boxes for different applications
quick presentation in pdf format here

here to see our region





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The latest news items

ATEX ship - by JMP 19/03/2010 @ 09:15

Tug for offshore platform built in Paimpol (France) built and equipped by Kermaz of headlamps, control boxes, control panel and ligthing systems all in ATEX.(19-03-2010)

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