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Ex-d equipments - small boxes
Material of body and cover: aluminium pressure die–casting, max.0.5% Mg
Ambient temperature: Tamb = -40 ÷ 100ºC – silicone rubber
Coating: yellow chromating and chemically resistant paint (outside only)
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k_xd_i.jpg   k_xd_iwin.jpg   k_xd_i_80.jpg


   xd_id100.jpg    k_xdid100win.jpg
 xd_id80_psh_big.jpg    xd_id80win_psh_big.jpg    XD-JB85_psh_big.jpg
 XDJB85_psh_big.jpg    XD-IL win.jpg    XD-IH(1).jpg


XD-IH win.jpg
   XD80TI.jpg   XD80TIb.jpg 

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Category : Ex-d equipments
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